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Nov 8, 2012 7:00am PST
reports of twitter accounts getting hacked. the technology website reports that twitter e-mailed some of the users telling them to reset their password and create a new one. a british comedians -- a british comedian was one of the first to alert others. he tweeted previous posts had disappeared. the e-mail read >>> with last-minute prep -- last-minute preparations are happening right now in livermore at the new paragon mall. the grand opening, just two hours away. ktvu's claudine wong is there to show us more about this outlet mall which is expected to give a big economic boost. >> reporter: good morning. they are expecting a lot of people, a lot of heavy traffic. we've seen a lot of more -- a lot of people here. we've actually seen customers who have been here for three hours. waiting for doors to open, going, where am i gonna start? we're here by prada. pretty unique to have a prada store at an outlet mall. no, i don't know how much anything is because the store does not open for two hours. the grand opening is set to get open in two hours. first outlet in about 11 years. it's done now
Nov 9, 2012 7:00am PST
technology could provide students and how the bay area can play a big role. >>> 11,000 refugees in the past 24 hours. where the syrians are going and is there any end in sight. >>> it's the end of the road for an x factor hopeful right here in the bay area. >> the act with the lowest number of votes and who is going home tonight is -- jason brock. >> yeah, jason brock of san francisco's inner richmond district eliminated last night on the x factor after getting the lowest number of votes. jason's last performance was bonnie tyler's total eclipse of the heart. he's live from los angeles with us this morning to talk more about the competition and what's next. you are still the man, you still feel like the man? >> hey dave! yes, i do! and hello, san francisco! i love you all! i miss you! i'm coming home tonight! i feel great. i was sad last night because i didn't get selected. i was in the bottom two and i got the lowest number of votes because the judges couldn't decide whether to send me home or not. i got sent home. i made it to the top 12 or 13 depending upon how you look at it. >
Nov 12, 2012 7:00am PST
technology. chevron says it will improve filtering equipment. company executives say their repairs meet industry standards. some are calling for the best technology available. >>> who do you think has the longest commute in california? california watch is reporting that designation goes to contra costa county. people who live in contra costa county spend an average of 32.8 minutes in their cars every day. in contra costa county, 17% of the people travel an hour or more to get to work. compared to humboldt, the average commute is about 17 minutes. around the state, fewer than one in 10 california residents commute for more than an hour. >>> speaking of commuting, let's check in with sal. many people have the day off for veterans day so i'm thinking it will be lieser -- lighter than unusual. let's take a look at some of -- at some of these commutes. you will be able to tell immediately at the toll plaza where it is light. you don't have to worry about getting into the city. there's certainly people out there. same thing with san francisco, northbound 101 traffic looks good. no proble
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3